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Welcome to CONFINEDSPACE.ORG your source for all Confined Space information! Any enclosed area that has a limited way to enter or exit is the definition of a confined space by OSHA to be a confined space. A confined space is a place that is not intended for continuous human occupation. Confined spaces examples include, but are not limited to underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, manholes, pits, silos, process vessels and pipelines.

A "permit-required confined space" or "permit space" is an area that meets the OSHA standard of a "confined space" and contains health or safety hazards. To be considered a permit space it has to have one or more of these attributes: a substance that could engulf or asphyxiate the entrant, a potentially hazardous atmosphere, inwardly converging walls and any other major safety or health hazards. Because of this, OSHA requires workers to have a permit to enter these type of spaces. Once the space is identified as permit space the employer is responsible for clearly marking that site with signs or any other effective means of communication. The employer will need to write and submit a draft of the entry permit with the 14 pieces of OSHA required information on it.


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